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  • Unbiased recommendations
  • Answers to crop related questions without having to search for them
  • Second opinion or second pair of eyes
  • Save money
  • Lessens work load and frees up more time
  • Experience
  • Knowledge of latest chemicals
  • Lowers risk
With CENTROL you’ll stay on the cutting edge of technology. CENTROL stays ahead so you stay ahead.

CROP PLANNING helps you plan the best future cropping practices to improve your profitability, such as:
  • Crop Rotations
  • Crop Varieties
  • Study Yields
  • Fertilizer Management – CENTROL can aid you in planning your fertilization so that it exactly fits your soil and crop conditions. This makes best use of your dollars.
CROP MONITORING is the basis of CENTROL’s business. With continuous consulting contracts and satisfied farmers, CENTROL can help you select the most cost-effective means of controlling weeds, insects, and diseases that cut into your profits. Crop monitoring is done on a weekly basis, and includes:
  • On farm visits during in-season monitoring
  • Chemical Recommendations for Weed, Insect and Disease Control
  • Computerized record keeping
  • Computerized printouts of crop recommendations
SOIL TESTING SERVICES are on the cutting edge of technology in agriculture today.
CENTROL is a leader in:
  • VERIS Mapping
  • Grid sampling
  • Laser and RTK topography
  • Satellite imagery
  • Zone sampling (from satellite imagery and topography)
With CENTROL you’ll learn more about the management of crop production and you’ll find answers fast without the digging and study it takes to do it alone. The result will be long-term yield increases for your farm and improved profit per acre.

  • Yield Mapping and Analysis
  • Zone Creation/Management
  • Variable Rate Seeding
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer
  • GPS Mapping

CENTROL recommendations are based, in part, on the sophisticated records we maintain of your farming history. These computerized records individualize our service to you and serve as an important basis for your future decisions.

  • General Agricultural Consulting
  • Technical Service Providers (TSP) for USDA
  • Custom Consulting
  • Variety Certification
  • NRCS: EQIP & CSP Compliance