Core Values

Believe in Agriculture
Have an impact on the present and future of Agriculture
Listen for farmer needs
Farmers are the purpose of our work
Promote Loyalty
Be loyal to the CENTROL MISSION
Maintain company confidences
Maintain grower confidence
Build Self-Esteem
Respect the individual
Promote a sense of achievement
Maintain a positive attitude
Each consultant is a manager in his or her own area
Commit to Excellence
Maintain a top professional image
Provide quality service
Further training and education
Utilize the network
Be goal - driven
Promote Teamwork
Believe in people
Encourage open communication
Grow only as fast as we can effectively manage
Help each other
Commit To High Ethical Standards
Adhere to the NAICC and ARCPACS code of ethics
Provide unbiased recommendations
Fulfill our responsibilities to growers